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Marika Lagervall

Ph. D. in Nordic Languages
Dance Teacher

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  - Education / exams
Education to archivist 2003-2004. Additional studies 2023-2024.
Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Nordic Languages 2014.  Masters degree of Philosophy in Nordic Languages 2000 (studies finished in 1997). Courses in Nordic languages, Linguistics, Comparative Indo-european studies, Archeology and more, 1992-1997.

  - Employed
Alumni-/database administrator at the University of Gothenburg, Department of Communication, since 1 januari 2008. Temporarily repositioned to the registry from Januari 2020. On leave for studies sept 2023 - aug 2024

  - Own business
"Nöjesdansakuten", (means "the emergency for social dancing") gives private lessons in dancing, mainly wedding waltz to couples and smaller groups in Gothenburg. Most information in Swedish, but with a summary in English and all information about the different dances are in both Swedish and English.
  - Earlier employments
Department of Swedish in periods during 1995-2016 with, for example, dictionary editing, editor for weekly department news, web manager, archive work and scheduling.
Dialekt-, ortnamns-, och folkminnesarkivet i Göteborg (ISOF) as a project assistant and deputy research archivist in the area of place names, Aug 2006-Dec 2007.

 - CV
My latest CV (pdf-format, in Swedish)

  - Publications
Doctoral thesis, papers, articles, family books and more. The only work that is in English is the summary (PDF) to my doctoral thesis. Here is also the link to the whole thesis on the University of Gothenburg web site.
Utbildning / examen


  - Family research
A separate page in English for my Family research with a few lists in English of my family research. Also see the pages with family photos since they should be quite understandable also without knowledge in Swedish.
The Swedish family pages also contains lists, presentations and more, and also separate pages about Gyön (Bräkne-Hoby, Blekinge) and Lindhult (Habo, outside of Jönköping) and the family Sunnercrantz. I also have memberships on the DNA-sites 23andMe and FamilyTreeDNA.
  - Dancing
Different couple dances like the ten dances, bugg and folk dances. I dance socially and give private lessons in dancing. Earlier on I have given regular dance courses for Chalmers Dance Society (2007-2012) and competed, mostly in the standard dances (2004-2011).    Marikas dance school
  - Photos
Nature, family photos, DIY-photos, travels and more. The only pages where the text are in both languages are the DIY-pages. Most of the photos, especially the nature photos, should be easy to understand anyway.
  - DIY
Different things I have sewn or made, mostly pictures and all texts are in both Swedish and English. A lot of Harry Potter-related DIY.
  - Poetry
My own poems, mostly older. Only one in English.


  - Farming archives
Theme work in the archive education, about farming archives, written and published together with Ulrika Gabrielsson. Only in Swedish.

Infopage on the site lagervall.se.

Contact info: Can always be reached on email firstname.lastname@gmail.com or firstname@lagervall.se.
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