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There are so many words around us; 
Slavic, Latin, Germanic, Greek. 
You hear at least a billion words a day, 
How many aren't there in a week? 
Words can come from daily life 
- those words you use most every day. 
Words can come from fantasy 
to say things you otherwise can't say. 
Words can come from other words, 
some words are old and bound to die, 
some words are hard to bear or dark as fear, 
some words are light and have wings to fly. 
Some words are warm and happy words, 
there are secret words you can never guess. 
There are words which tear you into pieces 
and words that make you drown in loneliness. 
There are words to make you really happy, 
words can make you angry and mad. 
Words can turn you life to a nightmare, 
words can make you smile or feel sad. 
There are so many words around us, 
saying so many everyday things. 
But the words I want to tell you 
are in the song a simple chaffinch sings. 
The words I want to give you 
are in the speech the flowers use, 
in the song the summerbreeze sings 
- words you can never refuse. 
Those words are born beyond the rainbow 
in a fairyland you never imagine can. 
Words can come from the dawn of the world 
words that never have been used by man. 
But those words will never come to me, 
their magic I never can share. 
So I have to use the everyday words 
- and use them as much as I dare. 
I just wanted to tell you that I care...

Publicerad i Parnassus of Worlds Poets 1995, red. Dr Ramasamy Devaraj.

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