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My Family Research

My search for my ancestors began over thirty years ago and the interest is never fading even though the time never seem to last. I have been able to track most of my ancestors back at least 5-7 generations, some even further back. Mostly, they lived in the areas Småland, Blekinge och Bohuslän, in southern Sweden, with a few here and there in other places. Since the 90ties I use the computer database Holger for documentations, and I also have family trees on and (although not as updated). I have also made a DNA-test and can be found on both 23andMe and Family Tree DNA (I have haplo group I4a).

Most of the information I have published on this site is in Swedish, but I have also made a few lists in English from my database for those outside of Sweden trying to find Swedish ancestors. In these lists I have omitted all relatives still living, with regard to the data protection regulation. You are of course also welcome to contact me via email.

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  • Family Photos - my closest ancestors (all text is in Swedish)

  • Family Photos - mixed photos on other older relatives (all text is in Swedish)
  • Family Photos - unknown, photos of unidentified people from photo albums belonging to my paternal grandmother, my mothers mothers mothers mothers sister (mormors morsmors syster in Swedis) and my mothers fathers mothers (morfarsmor in Swedish).

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